Yves Van Den  Berge is the former Advocate General (Deputy to the Prosecutor General) at the Court of Appeal in Ghent, where he worked from 2012. Prior to this, between 2001 and 2012 he was Deputy Public Prosecutor at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Tribunal of First Instance in Bruges and Dendermonde, where he dealt with criminal cases in financial matters and organised crime. In recent years, he was Deputy Chief of the Cabinet of the Minister for Justice, for criminal (procedural) law.


The EPPO (www.eppo.europa.eu) is an independent Union body competent to fight crimes against the Union budget. The EPPO launched its operations on 01 June 2021. The speaker will inform us about the achievements and conclusions of the first year of working of this new body.

The seminar can be followed physically (RSM Auditors, Lozenberg 22 b 3 B 1932 Zaventem) or by webinar.


Thu 16 June 2022
RSM Zaventem, Lozenberg 22, 1931 Sint Stevens Woluwe


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