Mission, vision & strategy

In order to achieve its mission IFA has defined five key strategic objectives:

1. Developing and offering a professional and legal framework for Fraud Audit.

The (international) developments in both the public and the private sector show the need to embed Fraud Audit in a clear framework. IFA will demonstrate this need and will assist policymakers in developing a legal framework for the Fraud Audit profession. 

2. Broadening the social basis of Fraud Audit.

In order to be recognized as the representative of forensic auditors and to be able to act as such IFA takes (amongst other) the following initiatives:

• Entering into an open, structured and sustainable dialogue with other professions, institutes and public authorities - Starting a sustainable dialogue with the academic world (universities, management schools)

• Further intensifying the contacts with policymakers and supervisory bodies in the political world, justice, public authorities and the corporate environment

• Attracting new members and sponsors

• Obtaining legal recognition of the profession of Fraud Auditors.

3. Enhancing public-private co-operation.

The public-private mix of our educational program, the members group and the board of regents, makes IFA a unique organization. We have launched the first initiatives in the area of public- private co-operation in fraud combat and we will further expand our activities in this direction.

4. Developing a professional operational structure of IFA.

In order to support our high professional and operational standards IFA will find adequate housing and realize a professional secretary’s office.

5. Setting professional standards for Fraud Auditors.

IFA will realize on short notice the following objectives:

• Putting into place a disciplinary structure as stipulated in the articles of association

• Setting norms and standards especially in relation to investigations on individuals

• Developing a continuous education program.