Welcome to the website of the Institute of Fraud Auditors (IFA), the National Professional Federation of Fraud Auditors in Belgium. IFA is has been founded in 2001 as a not for profit association which is based on a public-private partnership. IFA holds a Register of professionals who are certified as "Registered Fraud Auditor". IFA develops best practices for professionals who are active in the domain of fraud combat in the public and private sector. IFA regularly organizes conferences and trainings on fraud-related topics. IFA is an ideal forum for networking within the anti-fraud community.


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11 09/2018

Risk Congress 2018 : Countering Financial Economic Crime towards 2023

IFA Training & Events
On 22 October 2018, the "Risk Congress 2018 : Countering Financial Economic Crime towards 2023" takes place in Brussels. "Criminal organizations are increasingly present in the upper-world, undermining governance in both the public sector and the private sector. Systemic frauds and infiltration ... Read more »
11 09/2018

Impact of GDPR on (internal) investigations

IFA Training & Events
On 14 June 2018, IFA and ACFE organized an event on the "Impact of GDPR on (internal) investigations". The presenations given by Stijn De Meulenaer and Bart De Bie are attached to this message. Read more »
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Upcoming Training

20/06/2019 - Juridical truth, an illusion ?

An RFA is seeking evidence to be used within a juridical process. However, the truth or findings of the RFA are not always equal to the juridical truth. Our speaker, Mr. Hugo Lamon (lawyer Hasselt) has analysed the approaches used by lawyers to present different truths with the same facts. This will be shown by illustrations of real cases. A must for every RFA.

It appears that blockchain startups RepuX and JoyToken have conned investors out of $4.7 million and $3.3 million,… https://t.co/IFLOG0OaBk

21/05/2019 19:11 TheACFE

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21/05/2019 17:18 TheACFE

A Los Angeles police officer was arrested Thursday in connection with a workers’ compensation fraud case. -… https://t.co/uwdwgAUpHg

21/05/2019 15:13 TheACFE

The Texas House recently passed a bill that would make it a crime for a fertility doctor to inseminate a patient wi… https://t.co/PqAQYomwh5

21/05/2019 13:19 TheACFE

Vandaag controleren we samen met @Belastingdienst, @Politie, @FP_OM en een aantal gemeenten enkele locaties in… https://t.co/3T96i9lfcz

21/05/2019 09:38 FIOD

Afgelopen vrijdag hielden we twee personen aan bij een illegale sigarettenfabriek in #Goudswaard. De politie ontdek… https://t.co/yTyPUdIm7p

20/05/2019 17:30 FIOD

We hebben vandaag een 33-jarige man aangehouden voor #oplichting met investeringen in een #bitcoinfabriek. Hij word… https://t.co/jNXPUiiNkz

20/05/2019 15:37 FIOD