Welcome to the website of the Institute of Fraud Auditors (IFA), the National Professional Federation of Fraud Auditors in Belgium. IFA is has been founded in 2001 as a not for profit association which is based on a public-private partnership. IFA holds a Register of professionals who are certified as "Registered Fraud Auditor". IFA develops best practices for professionals who are active in the domain of fraud combat in the public and private sector. IFA regularly organizes conferences and trainings on fraud-related topics. IFA is an ideal forum for networking within the anti-fraud community.


Rudy Hoskens, RFA

Institute of Fraud Auditors
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11 09/2018

Risk Congress 2018 : Countering Financial Economic Crime towards 2023

IFA Training & Events
On 22 October 2018, the "Risk Congress 2018 : Countering Financial Economic Crime towards 2023" takes place in Brussels. "Criminal organizations are increasingly present in the upper-world, undermining governance in both the public sector and the private sector. Systemic frauds and infiltration ... Read more »
11 09/2018

Impact of GDPR on (internal) investigations

IFA Training & Events
On 14 June 2018, IFA and ACFE organized an event on the "Impact of GDPR on (internal) investigations". The presenations given by Stijn De Meulenaer and Bart De Bie are attached to this message. Read more »
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Upcoming Training

16/05/2019 - Share Fraud and Boiler room fraud exposed

A successful boiler room fraud can create more than 1,000 victims along with damages exceeding several millions of Euros. Prevention of boiler room fraud is difficult and the current system of warnings is clearly not effective as attemptions still take place and frequently succeed.

UPCOMING WEBINAR: Navigating the Evolving Challenges of Corruption, Fraud and FCPA Issues in China… https://t.co/HhlbmYoVNk

24/04/2019 18:27 TheACFE

A single Ethereum account seems to have siphoned off a fortune of 45,000 ether — worth at one point more than $50 m… https://t.co/YKMu2KzlCz

24/04/2019 16:29 TheACFE

Gisteren hebben we in een loods in Hengelo 10 miljoen illegale #sigaretten gevonden. Deze waren vermoedelijk bestem… https://t.co/AKkBcY4qd6

24/04/2019 15:57 FIOD

Marilyn noticed that Susan often had new handbags and drove a nicer car than everyone else, but Marilyn didn’t thin… https://t.co/xaMkazNRch

24/04/2019 14:20 TheACFE

Fraud Guides 101: How Dark Web Fraudsters Steal Financial Data - @CU_Times https://t.co/tf1kAbVvRD

24/04/2019 03:14 TheACFE

Employers want to believe the best of their employees, but some see a workplace injury as a way to make easy money.… https://t.co/YQL9iX8EYo

24/04/2019 01:12 TheACFE