Risk Congress 2018 : Countering Financial Economic Crime towards 2023

Peter LEYMAN posted on 11/09/2018 in IFA Training & Events

On 22 October 2018, the "Risk Congress 2018 : Countering Financial Economic Crime towards 2023" takes place in Brussels.

"Criminal organizations are increasingly present in the upper-world, undermining governance in both the public sector and the private sector. Systemic frauds and infiltration pose a real threat to the systems designed to protect us against corruption, money laundering, cybercrime, trafficking and occupational fraud and abuse. Some sectors of society are more exposed than others, and thus have an urgent need to further strengthen their fraud risk governance. The public sector is clearly one of these sectors. Are they focusing enough on the serious crimes that destabilises public functions, rather than on petty crime? Further, privatization of public functions implies a huge responsibility for protecting these functions. In the private sector, several industries are becoming increasingly aware that financial economic crime can pose a serious risk to company objectives. But are all of the players sufficiently aware of this? Are they adequately funded and empowered to respond to this risk,  and are they responding in a concerted manner?"

IFA members can benefit from a 50 EUR discount when mentioning the code IFAB18 during the registration.

Further details on the program, venue and registration factilities are available on www. riskcongress.be


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