Opleidingen 2014

Tania BAETE posted on 06/01/2014 in IFA Training & Events


This fraudster obtained stolen police reports, which contained automobile crash victim information. Then he and his… https://t.co/ogSZTLJsxI

20/07/2019 04:46 TheACFE

“It’s very important to rely, not just on your competence, but also, to carry yourself with confidence.” - Bethmara… https://t.co/9OINO0aRoo

20/07/2019 02:45 TheACFE

When an investor died in 2001 with more than $12 million illegally stashed in Swiss bank accounts, four of his six… https://t.co/qzZbQ9NDrb

20/07/2019 00:49 TheACFE

Let's hope Facebook's new scam ad reporting tool works really well in the U.K. so the rest of the world gets it too… https://t.co/xQaavqsDZC

19/07/2019 22:48 TheACFE

"How to Carry Yourself With Competence and Confidence," our latest post on ACFE Insights by Andi McNeal, the ACFE's… https://t.co/lKJ7cgYNZY

19/07/2019 20:41 TheACFE

De #FIOD hield op 10 juli 2 mannen aan op verdenking van #witwassen, #oplichting en verduistering. Nadat 2 woningen… https://t.co/XcrVjjRP3n

11/07/2019 09:12 FIOD