Opleidingen 2014

Tania BAETE posted on 06/01/2014 in IFA Training & Events


Two former advisers to a Chinese gambling operator were hoping to enter Japan’s nascent casino market. Turns out th… https://t.co/XykwkYQcdL

20/10/2020 00:20 TheACFE

Switzerland, Israel, the U.S. and the U.K. were ranked as the countries most actively enforcing legislation against… https://t.co/D9Ldgbvbyv

19/10/2020 20:53 TheACFE

Experts hope to warn consumers about “pink-washing” scams that occur when companies use Breast Cancer Awareness mon… https://t.co/y0Ffue4RZH

19/10/2020 16:32 TheACFE

An online ticketing platform alleges it was defrauded when trying to buy the rights to the fourth film in the "xXx"… https://t.co/Bz7vkxBWkH

19/10/2020 12:33 TheACFE

South Africa has witnessed dramatic corruption scandals in recent decades, and reports of money laundering and frau… https://t.co/R7ANrQCmwW

17/10/2020 01:59 TheACFE

Weigeren je administratie aan de curator te geven, dat is #verdacht. Er volgde dan ook een aangifte van de curator… https://t.co/1boMt88kpc

15/10/2020 15:25 FIOD

Gisteren hielden we een 44-jarige man aan op verdenking van #witwassen. Zijn woning in #Utrecht en bedrijfspand in… https://t.co/0J1Cb6am5o

15/10/2020 10:29 FIOD