Opleidingen 2014

Tania BAETE posted on 06/01/2014 in IFA Training & Events


"From the President and CEO: Unified Truth Seekers Expose Fraud and Corruption," the latest blog on ACFE Insights https://t.co/1qfEu0QkE8

17/01/2019 04:28 TheACFE

"Mentoring Across Borders," a really lovely post by Britta Bohlinger, CFE, about what it takes to be an empathetic… https://t.co/EBvOBbrWq8

17/01/2019 02:26 TheACFE

Asia’s $4.2 Billion Illegal Gambling Scourge - @SCMPNews https://t.co/OPPdB2IwDx

17/01/2019 00:23 TheACFE

“I have no doubt our friendship will be lifelong and one with many success stories along the way.” - Janet Miller,… https://t.co/xNOHThpPRb

16/01/2019 22:22 TheACFE

Criminals Drawn to "Fortnite" Create "Thriving Criminal Ecosystem" Around Game - @Variety https://t.co/hXteMbYm1N #fraudnewsACFE

16/01/2019 20:25 TheACFE

Na ruim 35 jaar verlaten we ons pand in @Haarlem. De teams worden verdeeld over de kantoren in #Amsterdam, #DenHaag… https://t.co/TrJvtPFxC2

16/01/2019 14:59 FIOD

Ook benieuwd hoe wij financiële fraude bestrijden? Kijk dan naar onze nieuwe bedrijfsfilm: https://t.co/FOcBbvDWRP.

10/01/2019 13:58 FIOD

In 2018 hebben we ruim 900 onderzoeken afgerond. We richten ons steeds meer op facilitators en bedenkers van financ… https://t.co/QsDKQy5Sjj

04/01/2019 10:17 FIOD