IFA - Communication December 2017

IFA posted on 19/12/2017 in IFA News

Dear colleagues,

We hereby update you on developments regarding our institute which can be found through the attachment below in which the following topics are covered:

1. Event & training agenda
2. Christmas Drink - 19 December 2017
3. Fraud publications - Free download publication on Boilerroom fraud (ENG)
4. CPE-Credits 2017 - Registration
5. New law on private security, and Law on private investigations
6. IFA Update - New editors
7. New law on whistleblowing - 15,000 companies affected
8. Our Sponsors.

The Board of Directors



Man Accused in Bank-Transfer Scheme Arrested Again on New Fraud Charges - @orlandosentinel https://t.co/BIXyd2smvX #fraudnewsACFE

15/08/2018 20:29 TheACFE

2018 ACFE Report to the Nations: Asia-Pacific Edition is here! https://t.co/FpaWF5KjwA https://t.co/oBQ3pfkb6z

15/08/2018 18:27 TheACFE

Thank you to the Las Vegas chapter for making a donation of $2,925 to the ACFE Foundation! https://t.co/W516WwSyeP

15/08/2018 17:37 TheACFE

Nearly $500K Disappeared From School Cafeterias. Officials Say the Lunch Ladies Did It. - @CNN https://t.co/hrq2zesG3K #fraudnewsACFE

15/08/2018 16:23 TheACFE

Funeral Home Owners Sentenced on Theft and Fraud Charges https://t.co/k9oVKA9L9G #fraudnewsACFE

15/08/2018 14:20 TheACFE

FIOD verdenkt een man uit Krimpen aan den IJssel van het #witwassen van crimineel geld. Er is beslag gelegd op de a… https://t.co/HGhzebxRSd

08/08/2018 09:36 FIOD

FIOD vindt 15.000 euro verborgen in een bloempot tijdens een onderzoek naar #witwassen. Een man en vrouw uit Rotter… https://t.co/idLILQrZl3

01/08/2018 12:09 FIOD

We hebben gisteren 24-jarige Amsterdammer aangehouden. Hij wordt verdacht van oplichting en witwassen. Hij was acti… https://t.co/MFS9UIJ5dq

27/07/2018 15:18 FIOD