CPE compliance 2016

IFA posted on 06/02/2017 in IFA News,IFA Training & Events

Dear Registered Fraud Auditors,

Please be reminded that the deadline for registering your CPE-credits 2016 is 1 March 2017.

You can find the CPE-Standard (full text and guidance) here.

Below you will find an overview of the CPE-credits offered by IFA during the calendar year 2016:

  • 28 January 2016 Insurance Fraud, Professor Daily Wuyts, Brussels, 4 CPE
  • 3 March 2016 Company law and penal law, Professor Dirk Dewandeleer, Brussels, 4 CPE
  • 10 March 2016 Interrogation techniques - Part 1, Marc Bockstaele, Brussels, 4 CPE
  • 15 March 2016 IFA General Members’ Meeting, 2 CPE
  • 14 April 2016 Public procurement, Rudy Claes, Brussels, 4 CPE
  • 27 May 2016 Forgery of documents: update, Professor Silvia Van Dyck, Brussels, 4 CPE
  • 6 October 2016 Interrogation techniques - Part 2, Marc Bockstaele, Brussels, 4 CPE
  • 20 October 2016 Legal intake Forensic, Exec. Professor Stijn De Meulenaer, Ghent, 4 CPE
  • 24 October 2016 Privacy versus security, Dr. Philippe De Backer and panel debate, Tervuren, 4 CPE
  • 10 November 2016 Offshore constructions, gewinn, Brussels, 4 CPE
  • 20 December 2016 Annual Christmas Drink, Rafaël Rondelez, Antwerp, 2 CPE.

Kind regards,

The Board of Directors  

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