IFA - Communication May 2017

IFA posted on 24/05/2017 in IFA News

Dear colleagues,

We hereby update you on developments regarding our institute which can be found through the attachment below in which the following topics are covered:

1. Event & training agenda 2017
2. Details on IFA-events 2017
3. General Members’ Meeting 2017
4. Board elections 2017
5. Fee structure 2017
6. A big thank you to our volunteers
 8. COSO Fraud Risk Management Guide
9. We thank our Sponsors.

The Board of Directors


Our interview w/ @kellyrpope about "All the Queen's Horses", a film about how one woman stole $53m over 20 years: https://t.co/Hy5OjrwKD4

20/10/2017 21:53 TheACFE

SEC's Challenge on Rio Tinto: Self-Delusion or Fraud? https://t.co/u2lVCpFma9

20/10/2017 18:37 TheACFE

Ex-Cornell student who forged transcripts, letters faces prison over loan fraud https://t.co/BkuJNSYvaI

20/10/2017 17:25 TheACFE

We'll have a booth set up at the upcoming @NHCAA conference with some fun giveaways and swag. Stop by and say hello!

20/10/2017 16:15 TheACFE

You found #fraud, now what? 5 steps to immediately take after suspecting fraud in your company https://t.co/Qp9lzQAl5Y

20/10/2017 15:15 TheACFE