IFA - Communication December 2016

IFA posted on 21/12/2016 in IFA News

Dear colleagues,

We hereby update you on developments regarding our institute which can be found through the attachment below in which the following topics are covered:

1. Event & training agenda 2017
2. Details on IFA-events 2017
3. General Members’ Meeting 2017
4. New Registered Fraud Auditors
5. Board elections 2017
6. CPE-credits: Overview of IFA-activities in 2016 
7. New book on boiler room fraud by Frans Roest RFA
8. We thank our Sponsors

The Board of Directors



Fraud and Abuse in the Current U.S. Health Care Environment https://t.co/2yViTdlUMP

27/06/2017 21:56 TheACFE

U.S. Supreme Court to Consider How Broadly a Whistleblower Provision Applies https://t.co/bwiwdKGhKB (gated)

27/06/2017 18:55 TheACFE

That's a lot of heroes in one room. #FraudConf https://t.co/ikFZiFFXCZ https://t.co/8v15abE19O

27/06/2017 17:43 TheACFE

Opgerolde #sigarettenfabriek in #Utrecht: actie in samenwerking met @FP_OM, Politie, @Douane en @InspectieSZW. https://t.co/trI0py3lgk

27/06/2017 17:25 FIOD

FIOD rolt illegale #sigarettenfabriek op in #Utrecht: https://t.co/ZAklqWDkBm. https://t.co/4Dr7kZ9i4Y

27/06/2017 16:05 FIOD