28 09/2017

IIA Belgium Conference 2017

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The Insitiute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Belgium has the pleasure to announce that IFA members can attend their Conference 2017 at the IIA members rate of 210 EUR (excl. VAT).   The conference will take place on 26 October 2017 at the Courtyard Marriot Brussels in Evere.   The... Read more »
11 09/2017

CPS-studiedag / Private fraude-onderzoekers: meerwaarde of stoorzenders bij de rechtshandhaving

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Op dinsdag 24 oktober 2017 organiseert CPS een studiedag in samenwerking met IFA in de Koninklijke Bibliotheek te Brussel. Tijdens deze studiedag wordt het debat gevoerd over de (juridische) toekomst van de fraude-auditor en de private ‘corporate investigator’ en de... Read more »
24 05/2017

IFA - Communication May 2017

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Dear colleagues,   We hereby update you on developments regarding our institute which can be found through the attachment below in which the following topics are covered:   1. Event & training agenda 2017 2. Details on IFA-events 2017 3. General Members’ Meeting... Read more »
06 02/2017

CPE compliance 2016

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Dear Registered Fraud Auditors,   Please be reminded that the deadline for registering your CPE-credits 2016 is 1 March 2017.   You can find the CPE-Standard (full text and guidance) here.   Below you will find an overview of the CPE-credits offered by IFA during... Read more »
21 12/2016

IFA - Communication December 2016

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Dear colleagues,   We hereby update you on developments regarding our institute which can be found through the attachment below in which the following topics are covered:   1. Event & training agenda 2017 2. Details on IFA-events 2017 3. General Members’... Read more »
30 11/2016

IFA Christmas Drink 2016

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Institute of Fraud Auditors (IFA) Belgium - the national professional federation of fraud auditors in Belgium -kindly invites you to its annual Christmas Drink in the prestigious new harbour building of Port of Antwerp. The Christmas Drink will take place at the Port House in Antwerp on 20... Read more »
24 11/2016

IFA - Communication October 2016

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Dear colleagues,    We hereby update you on developments regarding our institute which can be found through this link in which the following topics are covered:   1. Event & training agenda   2. Details on IFA-events 2016   3. “Protecting your... Read more »
26 09/2016

Protecting your organization: security versus privacy

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13 09/2016

IFA communication - September 2016

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26 02/2016

IFA communication - February 2016

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29 01/2016

IFA communication - January 2016

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29 12/2015

IFA communication - December 2015

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20 11/2015

IFA communication - November 2015

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30 06/2015

IFA communication - June 2015

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09 06/2015

Multidisciplinaire aanpak van forensisch onderzoek

09 06/2015

Recovery of stolen assets

09 06/2015

Non Performing Loans banks

21 04/2015

IFA communication - April 2015

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05 03/2015

IFA communication - March 2015

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30 01/2015

Workshop Whistleblowing

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13 01/2015

IFA communication - January 2015

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22 12/2014

IFA communication - December 2014

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06 11/2014

IIA conference - the actual and future challenges for the internal auditor

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The Institute of Internal Auditors Belgium is very pleased to invite IFA members to its annual conference to be held this year on the theme: "The actual and future challenges for the internal auditor". This event will take place on November 20, 2014 at the Cercle de Lorraine, Place... Read more »
21 10/2014

IFA communication - October 2014

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To all IFA-Members   21 October 2014   Dear colleagues,   We would like to catch up with you on a more regular basis to inform you on developments regarding our institute. What has happened since the General Members’ Meeting of 26 June... Read more »
19 09/2014

Forensic Audit - Legal Update

IFA Training & Events
This training focuses on recent legal developments and required knowledge in the field of forensic audit. Date: 09/10/2014 Location: Everest Ghent PE: 4 More info here. Read more »
27 05/2014

Masterclass Forensic Auditing 2014-2015

IFA Training & Events
07 04/2014

Are EU funds a corruption risk?

Fraud Talk, Prevention & Control
02 03/2014

Underground economy

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18 02/2014

Conference Security 2.0, Ghent, 27 Feb 2014

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04 02/2014

Commission unveils first EU Anti-Corruption Report

Fraud Headlines
06 01/2014

Opleidingen 2014

IFA Training & Events
06 12/2013

Digital Evidence, Digital Investigations and E-Disclosure: A Guide to Forensic Readiness for Organisations Security Advisers and Lawyers

Digital Evidence, Digital Investigations and E-Disclosure: A Guide to Forensic Readiness for Organisations, Security Advisers and Lawyers. 4th ed. 2013, 150p. The purpose of this Guide is to make directors, managers and their professional advisors aware of the issues involved in collecting,... Read more »
07 11/2013

EU Countries must do more to combat corruption by better protecting whistleblowers

Fraud Headlines
07 11/2013

Global 2-Year KPMG Fraud Survey

Fraud Headlines
26 10/2013

International Fraud Awareness Week

Fraud Headlines
18 10/2013

Registered Forensic Auditors - Final call CPE-credits

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17 10/2013

Participate in PwC's 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey

Fraud Talk
08 10/2013

Exporting corruption - Progress Report 2013

Fraud Headlines
08 10/2013

Measuring the cost of corruption

Fraud Headlines
OLAF's study "Identifying and reducing corruption in public procurement in the EU"  was published on October 1st, 2013. Its main findings can be found in the Abstract and in the Executive Summary at the beginning of the study. The methodology includes an overview of 27 red... Read more »
01 10/2013

UN Global Compact

Fraud Talk
07 09/2013

G20 Leaders' Declaration and Fraud

Fraud Talk
18 08/2013

2012 Annual Report, Belgium Judicial Police, Economic and financial crime directorate

Fraud Talk
22 06/2013

Boek: Forensic Auditing in Belgium

Fraud Talk
Jaarrekeningfraudes, corruptieschandalen, computercriminaliteit, systemic fraud, beleggingsfraudes,… ze volgen elkaar razendsnel op. In het boek Forensic Auditing in Belgium gaat  Evert-Jan Lammers in op de problematiek van forensic auditing in het kader van de horizontale fraude.... Read more »
20 06/2013

Master Class Forensic Audit 2013-2014

IFA News, IFA Training & Events
Op 30 september start aan de Antwerp Management School de 13de editie van de Master Class Forensic Audit. Deze Master Class sluit aan bij de eisen die justitie, de overheden en het bedrijfsleven vandaag aan forensische fraudeonderzoekers stellen. Het programma wordt verzorgd door wetenschappers... Read more »
18 06/2013

IMTECH reports mega fraud Poland to shareholders

IFA News, Fraud Headlines
Today the Board of Directors of public company IMTECH has reported a mega fraud in Poland to its shareholders. Interesting read, 96 pages. PDF and URL here Read more »
12 06/2013

7e Studienamiddag Masterclasses Auditing

IFA Training & Events
Antwerp Management School organiseert op 21 JUNI 2013 een studienamiddag ter gelegenheid van het einde van de Master Classes Auditing 2012-2013. Deelnemers aan de Master Classes Internal Auditing en Forensic Auditing zullen, tijdens deze dag hun referaten voorstellen. Ter gelegenheid van de... Read more »
27 05/2013

2012 Fraud Report to the Nations

Fraud Talk
The ACFE's 2012 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse is based on data compiled from a study of 1,388 cases of occupational fraud that occurred worldwide between January 2010 and December 2011. All information was provided by the Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) who... Read more »
03 04/2013

CTIF-CFI warns for Cyprus

Fraud Headlines
In an announcement of March 28th 2013 CTIF-CFI warns for financial flows from Cyprus. Read more »
01 04/2013

Case of Bernh Larsen Holding AS and others v. Norway (Digitale onderzoeksbevoegdheden van de fiscus)

Het Europees Hof voor de Rechten van de Mens heeft dd. 14 maart 2013 een belangwekkend arrest gewezen wat betreft de reikwijdte van de digitale onderzoeksbevoegdheden van de fiscus. Aan de basis van het arrest ligt een aangekondigde controle van de Noorse fiscus bij een onderneming. Er wordt... Read more »
30 03/2013

New RFA's

IFA News
The following persons are admitted by the Board as Registered Forensic Auditor (RFA): - Reinout De Clercq; - Koen Eyckmans; - Joris Lambrechts; - Gunter Van den Sande; en - Han Wevers. All other duly admitted RFA's can be found here. Read more »
Our interview w/ @kellyrpope about "All the Queen's Horses", a film about how one woman stole $53m over 20 years:

20/10/2017 21:53 TheACFE

SEC's Challenge on Rio Tinto: Self-Delusion or Fraud?

20/10/2017 18:37 TheACFE

Ex-Cornell student who forged transcripts, letters faces prison over loan fraud

20/10/2017 17:25 TheACFE

We'll have a booth set up at the upcoming @NHCAA conference with some fun giveaways and swag. Stop by and say hello!

20/10/2017 16:15 TheACFE

You found #fraud, now what? 5 steps to immediately take after suspecting fraud in your company

20/10/2017 15:15 TheACFE