Whistleblowing: lessons learned and implementation of the European Protection Directive

Date: 20/02/2020, 14:00
PE: 4

Speakers: Gudrun Vande Walle and Maarten Van Knippenberg (Centrum Integriteit)

The first objective of this seminar is to inform you about actual insights and experiences with whistleblowing from the standpoint of the federal Ombudsman – Center for Integrity (federale Ombudsman – Centrum Integriteit). This centre is an independent hotline for reporting any kind of integrity abuse within the federal government. An answer will be given to several questions : what is the profile and motivation of the whistle-blowers, what kind of abuses do they report, how are their rights protected during a fraud investigation ?

The second objective is to inform you about the «Directive of the European parliament and of the council on the protection of persons reporting on breaches of Union law”. This directive has to be implemented at the end of 2021 by all European member states and that is applicable to both private and public sector.

Spoken language: NL