How to organize a bullet-proof fraud investigations team: tips and tricks

Date: 30/01/2020, 14:00
PE: 4

Speakers : Stijn De Meulenaer and Mathieu Baert(Everest Law) 

Due to the nature of the work of fraud investigations teams, they encounter and need to overcome endless legal obstacles.

They risk e.g. to be held liable for damages or to face the invalidity of their investigation report in case they don’t respect the legal principles. In this session, you will find out how to avoid the legal pitfalls fraud investigations teams and their members are faced with. Both speakers will focus, among others, on the regulations regarding privacy, which are important while processing data, examining e-mails or using cameras.

They will also analyse the legislation on the rights of persons during interviews, for example the right to have access to a lawyer, the ban on the use of coercion and the obligation to inform persons about their rights.

Finally, the speakers will also inform you about the possibilities to include the costs of the fraud investigation team in the amounts to be claimed before a court.”

Spoken language: NL